Engine Driven High Pressure Washer

Mahabir Pershad And Sons Agencies under the brand name 'Taruu' is one of the most thoughtful Engine Driven High Pressure Washer manufacturer and supplier in Delhi for a variety of Engine Driven High Pressure Washer  with pressure up to 248 Bars and flow up to 15 LPM. We ensure that each and every part & component being used is working in tandem to enhance each other's performance thereby finally making a great Product & a satisfied customer.

We are also one of the most comprehensive suppliers for Engine Driven High Pressure Washer in Delhi as we have models for intermittent to heavy duty applications. We also have both motor driven as well as engine driven models to meet our customer's requirements. 




Tips On Selection/ Protection/ Installation/ Maintenance Of A High Pressure Washer

1. The washer must be supported by a compatible gun, pipe & jetting nozzle to achieve the
true potential of the machine.
2. Avoid using machines with a pressure switch for auto on/off because in case of frequent
on/offs the system will suffer, in place an unloader valve with an external bypass is a better option
3. Pick your machine in accordance to the duty cycle (heavy/ Intermittent) required.
4. The washer needs to be selected on the basis of its application. Some applications will require high pressure and low volume of water and vice versa.

1. Do not let the pump run without water.
2. Most positive displacement plunger pumps are suitable for clear potable water so please avoid input of dirty/contaminated water with sand or dust particles to ensure pump life.
3. Ensure proper electrical supply for the safety of the motor
4. Please turn off the motor when the trigger is released and the gun is not jetting out any water.
5. Ensure that the pump is running with the proper level of prescribed lubricant.
6. Pump running on an uneven surface can be damaged due to vibrations & improper lubrication so please do the needful.

1. There should be no leakages from the pump inlet till the trigger of the gun
2. Ensure correctness of the suction pipe & fittings as there should be no blockages, rusting or loose connections.
3. Some pressure at the inlet of the pump improves its performance.

1. Clean the suction filter from time to time.
2. Replace oil after 300 hours of usage.

A high pressure jet can cause serious injury to a human body & hence must be used with all the necessary precautions.