Misting System Pipe Suppliers

Misting System Pipe  Suppliers

We at  Mahabir Pershad And Sons Agencies shall be glad to serve you with our quality Misting System Pipe and services  which is an outcome of years of hard work, dedication and a great team work. We are your only rock-solid Misting System Pipe supplier in Delhi of all the industrial equipment.

Our Misting System Pipe s which are being sold under the brand name "Taruu" caters to applications where Hydro Jetting, Spraying, Compressed Air, Pressure Testing, Pressure Boosting, Filtration of air or water is required. We are the most Precise Engine-driven Misting System Pipe suppliers in New Delhi

We therefore humbly introduce ourselves as a very dependable, quality manufacturer, dealer and importer  for Hydro Testing, Air Compressing, Water Jetting, Sewer Jetting, High Pressure Cleaning, Misting, Pressure Boosting equipment and accessories in Delhi (India) for the past more than three decades.  We have been the most Powerful Engine-Driven Misting System Pipe supplier in India.