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Mahabir Pershad And Sons Agencies are the most advanced industrial equipment manufacturers in Morbi.We're always in step with the rapidly adjusting industrial landscape, anticipating changes, and staying ahead of the curve. We prioritize research and development, providing our teams with the tools and freedom to create, explore, and push boundaries. This spirit of invention that we have as the best supplier and manufacturer means we're always moving, always evolving, and always ready to deliver the future.

What are the advantages of buying from premium industrial equipment manufacturers in Morbi

  • All the products are first sent for quality check and then at your doorstep. We as the most quality manufacturer in Delhi only use ethical manufacturing processes. 
  • We make use of our advanced manufacturing facility for various other operations that involve the making of complex machines as well.  So you don’t have to worry about the quality that you are getting for the price that you are paying.
  • Considering us can also be beneficial in terms of the cost-effectiveness that we provide to our customers.

Our company have been the most durable industrial equipment manufacturer in Morbi. As for the cost of our products, we decided to keep it as minimal as possible to make sure that each client no matter how short or large scale they are can afford it without breaking their budget. Consider contacting us for bulk deals so that we can address your demands more closely.

Pressure Washer Manufacturers in Morbi

Established in 1987, Mahabir Pershad & Sons Agencies is a leading wholesaler and manufacturer instrumental in offering quality products & after sale service under the brand name "TARUU" and other brands of repute. Our products cover Air Compressors, High pressure jetting, misting, pressure testing jetting, car washing pumps and equipments, automatic pressure booster pumps(pressure pump), water treatment, airless paint sprayer,spray equipment, water mist cannon etc.

We believe that quality alone does not ensure good results unless the product is subject to correct application and usage. Therefore we welcome you to consult us for better fulfillment of your requirements. We at Mahabir Pershad & Sons Agencies are sure that with mutual cooperation we can prove ourselves as those who can deliver quality, durability and reliability.

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Q1. What is an ideal tank size for a spray painting air compressor?

Ans. Actually we should be focusing on the pump. The pump has to be capable of generating the required volume of air & pressure to support the gun and thereafter the smallest size for the tank is ok. (Spray painting page link)

Q2. What is the role of a storage tank with an air compressor?

A) To give the motor & pump some rest. This can happen only when the demand for compressed air is much less that the pump output capacity.

B) To provide sufficient air without much pressure drop to a pneumatic cylinder provided the gap /interval between the strokes is sufficient for the pump to recharge the tank to its original/required level of pressure.

Q3. Which air compressor is better for spray painting, oil free or oil lubricated?
Both can be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

Criteria Oil Free Oil Lubricated
Life, duty cycle  


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